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    Operations Technicians (Tech-s) will be trained in their area of responsibility for the operation of loading equipment and-or plant processing equipment. Tech’s responsibilities will vary with the need for routine maintenance in the production facility. Tech-s will be responsible for the safe use of equipment and safe use of chemicals in their area. Techs will be required to maintain knowledge of the process flow in their production area and computerized equipment affecting their work. Employees must be aware of the hazards associated with the process of producing ethanol and be able to execute standard operating procedures with safety awareness for themselves and fellow employees at all times.


    The plant has a rotating shift for operations with a schedule of 4 days on then 4 days off. The shift then switches to 4 nights on and 4 days off. The shifts are 12-hour shifts and the plant operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Extended shifts and call-in hours may be required.

  • Some of the responsibilities of the operators are listed below, which vary with job responsibility. (click here)

     Weigh all inboard and outboard commodities crossing Pratt Energy’s scale and for operating the associated computer, printer and software.
 Load trucks with DDGS and WDGS with a front-end loader.
 Visually monitor grain handling area and equipment.
 Do routine, general cleaning of wet cake pad, dryer pad, dry barn and grain handling areas.
 Operate material handling equipment such as forklift, skid loader and front-end loader.  Maintain a clean work area.
 Learn and possibly operate all processes associated with the production of both wet and dry distiller’s grains.  Perform preventive maintenance tasks as directed.
 Learn and possibly operate all processes associated with the production of fuel-grade ethanol. Follow procedures for plant startup, operations and shut downs.
 Maintain accurate and timely logs.
 Respond to collected data and make adjustments to optimize plant operation.  Do quality control tests on product streams and make necessary adjustments.
 Work outdoors and on weekends and holidays.
 Be able to meet call-in requirements as well as work extended hours if required.
 Be dependable!  Complete other duties required by the Manager or Supervisor.
 Attend all training sessions as required by Health & Safety Manager.
  • Physical Requirements (click here)

     - Occasionally lifting up to sixty pounds.

     - Climbing several flights of stairs and ladders.

     - Opening and closing valves.

     - Occasionally bending, twisting and turning while lifting less than fifty pounds.

     - Data entry while sitting for greater than two hours.

     - Walking up to three miles per day.

     - Pushing brooms, shovels, etc.

     - Working at heights, in confined spaces and at temperatures from -20 degrees to excess of 100 degrees.

     - Standing for extended periods of time.

     - Wearing Personal Protective Equipment including hard hat, safety glasses and steel toed boots.

     - Using hand and power tools.

P.O. Box 410

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Pratt, KS 67124


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